Warning-Protocol (WP) Login:

This is the super secret log-in portal for an official, government-sponsored, government-approved, and government-monitored web site. You should only be here if you should be here. If you should not be here (and if you should not be here, you should know that you should not be here), get away quickly.

This portal uses a Shibboleth-style challenge-response authentication protocol, that is fully Gileaditic compliant. Failing to pass a Gileaditic-compliant challenge-response protocols will have unpleasant consequences. (look it up, Judges 12:6)

Warning to non-authorized users:

All requests to download this page are logged and the originating IP addresses are compared with approved lists.

If you request this page and your IP address is not on any approved list, an NSA-approved tunneling protocol will be used to activate video and audio recording on your computer. Face recognition will be used to determine your identity. If you are using a newer computer equipped with a finger-print capture keyboard, your fingerprints will be recorded.

Just to be on the safe side, when unauthorized machines access this web page, we usually drop a key-stroke logger and a rootkit on the non-authorized machine, so we can see who is attempting to hack our systems, and how.

Instructions for authorized users:

Below is the basis for generating today's color-coded, one-time pad. Use it, along with your encrypted, government-issued portable Gileaditic enforcer and communication device (GEC:9943a/c), to determine:

1. Today's correct login URL.

2. Today's correct login ID.

3. Today's correct challenge-response pair.

When you have determined the parameters, please go to the designated login URL and complete the rest of the standard protocol.

Reminder: to complete the login and challenge-response test, you must have your Gileaditic enforcer fully powered up and attached appropriately to both wrists. In this context, "fully powered up" means that all three of the GEC's gigafarad capacitors must register at least 95% charge.


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You have Been Warned

NOTE: If you are an un-authorized visitor and you have stayed around long enough to read this, there may be some major trouble in your future. Trust no one, and keep an eye out for black helicopters. And drones. Don't forget about drones. In fact, you should really worry about drones, a lot.