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About ESP

This site is dedicated to the electronic publishing of scientific and other scholarly materials. Of particular interest are the history of science, genetics, computational biology, and genome research.

ESP was originally designed (back in 1998) to provide a stable, common framework in which dynamic electronic scholarly publishing could occur. Changes in the content, or design, of the site are documented in the What's New pages at this site.

If you need additional help, have comments, or have specific questions regarding the future development of this site, please send e-mail.


ESP started as a personal project of Robert J. Robbins. In the late 1990s the project received support from the US Department of Energy for the electronic republication of hundreds of papers defining the Foundations of Classical Genetics.

The original developmental period of the project, funded by the US Department of Energy, has come to an end. The project is now continuing, driven entirely by volunteer effort and is currently hosted at the University of Kansas.

Future Plans

Efforts have been underway for some time to create several new classes of content, to improve and expand upon popular features of the site (such as the timeline), and to develop an entirely new look and feel for the entire site.

A provisional version of the new site will be released soon (by 1 June 2018) for user testing and to solicit user reactions. The full release of the new site will occur in the summer of 2018.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with the project or if you would like to make suggestions regarding future activities for the project, write to Robert Robbins, ESP editor.

26 Aug 2018
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