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Calvin B. Bridges. 1916. Non-disjunction as proof of the chromosome theory of heredity (part 1). Genetics,1:1-52.

Calvin B. Bridges. 1916. Non-disjunction as proof of the chromosome theory of heredity (part 2). Genetics,1:107-163.

In these papers, published as the first paper in the first volume of the new journal Genetics, Calvin Bridges provides PROOF that genes are real, physical objects that are carried on chromosomes.
A. H. Sturtevant. A History of Genetics.

In 1965, A. H. Sturtevant, the creator of the world's first genetic map, published this history of genetics. It is now back in print AND available on-line in full-text format.

The book was produced as a joint product of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and the Electronic Scholarly Publishing project.
NEW ITEMS Several new full-length books have been added to the site, including The Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress of Genetics, all three volumes of Lyell's Principles of Geology, Weismann's Essays Upon Heredity, and Wilson's The Cell in Development and Inheritance. Check out the WHAT'S NEW section to see a listing of the new publications.

CLASSICAL GENETICS A collection of source material (books, papers, and educational items) relating to the foundations of classical genetics.
Chronology Genetics in Context - A Comparative Timeline.

Genetics in Context offers a dual timeline, with scientific events (especially those relevant to classical genetics) presented against those of general historical and cultural interest. Did you know that Darwin published Origin of Species the year before Lincoln was elected President, while Mendel published his findings the year after Lincoln was assassinated? Check out these and other events in Genetics in Context.

DIGITAL BOOKS Electronic republications of entire books on a variety of subjects, ranging from Aristotle to zoology.
General Publications reprints of current material from a variety of sources.
HUMOR light material for passing time.
WWW Resources pointers to a variety of useful sites.

ESP Project Description

The ESP site is dedicated to the electronic publishing of scientific and other scholarly materials. Of particular interest are the history of science, genetics, computational biology, and genome research.

The site will undergo major changes throughout 1998, as significant efforts to enlarge the Classical Genetics section will be underway. Funding for the expansion of the Classical Genetics section has been provided by the US Department of Energy as part of its commitment to supporting educational activities related to its Human Genome Project.

For a description of the ESP Classical Genetics project and a commentary on how it relates to public awareness and understanding of the Human Genome Project, read the NARRATIVE from the original ESP grant proposal to the DOE.

If you wonder what the Department of Energy has to do with genome research, read To Know Ourselves, a history of the origins of the Human Genome Project.

Comments and suggestions for future development are always welcome: rjr8222@gmail.com

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